About Us

#busymatsg - Making our little ones busy and letting their imagination runs wild!
Most importantly to keep them off screens during meal times!

Busy Mat strives our best to advocate less screen time and more interaction with children.

These mats are warmly welcome by the babies, children and even parents!

We believe that these educational and ‘interactive’ mats enhance the bond between parent and child through colouring.

Colouring has always been therapeutic, it reduces anxiety and is a form of therapy/method commonly used in UK. It stimulates creativity & imagination. Improves motor skills, grip strength and better focus for young children

Colouring allows a young child to express better without needing good vocabulary to do so. It also helps improve the handwriting and their motor skills and aids in improving their concentration & focus level.

Our Placemats are Food Grade Silicone Dining & Colouring Placemats, FDA certified, BPA free making them safe for kids and adults. 
Not forgetting, it is Dishwasher safe too! 

Now dining times are more fun filled with Busy Mat.


How is it reusable? 
Just take a wet wipe and clean off the markers ink. 
*psst: don't say we didnt mention, dry wipes (tissues) works too! 

Rinse under running water