Busy Mat x Dolan
Busy Mat x Dolan
Busy Mat x Dolan
Busy Mat x Dolan
Busy Mat x Dolan
Busy Mat

Busy Mat x Dolan

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Double the fun with Dolan Wooden Code Chips! 

What will you receive?
- Busy Detective: Vegetable
- A set of 12pc markers 
- A set of Wooden Code Chips from Dolan Toys 
coding board (25 cm x 10 cm), 90 chips (diameter 4cm)


This set is to aid on the developmental milestone to learn languages and coloring. Th 90 word pieces will be a learning aid for constructing sentences for 3 years old and above, and at the same time the silicone mat can be used for training motor skills to color and trace! 

We want our children to learn to live healthy and smart, and use these tools to keep children engaged while eating, playing, studying and during commuting. The vegetable theme is also a plus point to introduce them to love vegetables!


Suitable age: 3+ years old

Recommended age: 4 years old

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